Don’t Settle for Less


This afternoon let me share some thoughts I had within the week. It’s a refresher of what I shared with some friends sometimes in January 2016.

Let’s open our Bibles to Genesis 26:1-25 (with emphasis from Vs 17-25)

Famine is a terrible experience and many times makes one to take wrong decisions or moves because a need has to be met.

The natural tendency for Isaac was to move down to Egypt, but God quickly intervened and instructed him to rather remain in GERAR (By the way GERAR means Lodging Place).

Lesson 1: It is natural for us to leave the lodging place for Egypt where we think there is space for us because Egypt would usually seem like the right place on the surface. (In Hebrew, Egypt means Bondage)

In choosing that spouse, don’t just follow the natural which is most likely deceptive. Hear God. Don’t rush to Egypt because you THINK, FEEL, OR IMAGINE that it will satisfy your famine. Egypt may have all the tall guy, the figure eight chic, the rich brother, the endowed sister etc you name it, funnie enough it may even have the spiritus bro or sis, yet, it is a place of bondage you maybe headed for.

God told Isaac….”Do not go DOWN to Egypt” it is a going down

“Stay in this land for a while, *and I will be with you and will bless you.”

So Isaac stayed in Gerar!!!

Friends lets stay in Gerar, it may not seem like the best but GOD WILL BE WITH YOU.

A similar story I love so much is that of Na’omi and her daughters in-laws in the book of Ruth. (Gist for another day)

That brother’s wallet doesn’t look like what can give you peace, she may not be all spirokoko but my brother stay there, my sister remain there….that is where God wants you to be. (As long as he was the one that lead you).

(Don’t mind my writings. I talk alot while writing to elaborate and emphasize)

Let’s move on….(hope you are entering inside the picture we are painting?)

Let me leave Vs 18 for today. We will share on this some other time.

Vs 19-20 – The herdsmen of Isaac dug a well and found fresh water in the valley of Gerar. but the herdsmen of Gerar quarrelled with Isaac’s herdsmen and they gave the place a name ESEK (meaning Contention, Strive, Struggle or Quarrel)

Vs 21 – Isaac’s herdsmen went on to dig another well, but they quarrelled over it again and gave the place a name SITNAH (means Hatred, Hostility)

Vs 12 – They moved on else where and dug another well, no one quarrelled over it

And Isaac named the the place REHOBOTH (means the place of enlargement and flourishing)

Lesson 2: Have you imagined what it takes to dig a well till you are able to hit water? It’s really tough, however, after successfully finding water, the men of Gerar contested and quarrelled and strived against the Men of Isaac. This happened twice. These two experiences left them with a bitter experience and they gave those places names that was associated with their experiences.

Friends, you may have met that Mr Right brother or Miss Right sister and you are all excited….unfortunately, there is a strife for that one you have found.

Family is quarrelling with you over this choice, other people have quarrelled with you over this spouse saying she belongs to me or he belongs to me.

Or even death have strived with you and taken your dream spouse.

It has happened again and again that you now tagged those relationships with names just to explain that relationship. Hmmmm.

Some have even shut the door of their hearts to relationships because of the strife and heart breaks. You don’t think there can be any more good that can come from a relationship. You have given up on love. You are afraid they may take advantage of you again. You fear they may cheat you again, you fear they may just deceive you. You simply move on with a closed heart.

Remember what Isaac did….He reopened the wells his Father Abraham had dug which the people had closed. Don’t give up my friend. You can still meet God’s best for your relationship and marriage.

You have reluctantly agreed to enter into relationship and by God’s mercies no one is quarrelling with you anymore. Family is not contending your decision, your friends even seem to have accepted this guy or babe. Indeed no one else is contesting with you over this one and it seems you have arrived. Intact you have named the relationship your own Rehoboth

Indeed it is a great place to be.

I can imagine the men of Isaac celebrating this trouble free location.

Don’t give up moving on. You may hit trouble but don’t give up. Go higher.

But something strange happened in Vs 23. I would have expected that Isaac and his men would build an Estate and settle at Rehoboth.

Isaac was not satisfied with a “no one quarrelled over it” well. He must have thought that there must be something deeper.

Isaac and his men WENT UP to BEEESHEBA (well of seven, place of oath/covenant). That night the Lord appeared to him AND SAID …… Then Isaac did three things

  1. built an Altar and call upon the name of the Lord
  2. Pitched his tent
  3. They dug a well

Lesson 3: Isaac didn’t pitch his tent until God SAID He wasn’t satisfied with Rehoboth even though it was a good place to be. It was a satisfying place to be. That brother or sister may not necessarily be a problem or have a particular issue that will bring quarrel or contest in the relationship….but may I ask you a solemn question….*What has God said?*

Until Isaac moves from his place of Ease, Complacency, Comfort….God didn’t speak. Friends we must seek the voice of God as far as the Relationship is concerned. You cannot settle for less than God has plan for you.

See what happened….Going to BEERSHEBA is a Going Up the opposite of EGYPT Going Down

God made an oath with Isaac for believing him and following him up to Beersheba which is where REST is located.

Funny enough, it wasn’t the well (The brother or sister) that was the first matter. It was God’s voice that brought the order.

#God Appeared and Spoke (made an Oath)

#Isaac Built an Altar and Called upon God

#Pitched his tenth

#Dug the well

In Conclusion, let me make this submission; Don’t pitch your tent just yet….you are only at Rehoboth. Beersheba is still ahead. Press on move ahead to where God want you to be. He is good, she is good yes….but is that God’s BEERSHEBA for you or you are comfortable with being with REHOBOTH?





Suppressing Emotions

”I cried out to God with my voice – To God with my voice; And he gave ear to me.In the day of my trouble I sought the Lord; My hand was stretched out …” (Psalms 77:1-2)

Acknowledging my fears, confusion or any other negative emotion and confessing them (pouring them out the way they are, being truthful and honest about their reality) to God shows great faith and trust in his ability to handle them. On a flip side, Refusing to acknowledge them and bring them before God only expresses how much pride, disbelieve and distrust I have for God.

Being a child of God does not shield me from negative emotions or circumstances. It should rather draw me and lead me to the opened and love heart of my Heavenly Father. That is why he calls out to me…”come let us reason together.” He longs to show me his unconditional love by extending his help. He expects that trouble will come, he knows there would be moments of utter confusion and darkness, o yes, he is well aware you will get right into the valley of the shadow of death. Assuredly, he knows those seasons when nothing will make a drop of sense. He knows.

For this reason he has said to me to cast all of my cares on him, for he cares for me. He is a Father indeed! Have you not heard what he promised?

That when you pass through the waters (of confusion) he will be with you or through the rivers (of silence & frustrations) they shall not overflow you. He further went on to reassure that when you walk through the fire (of depression) you shall not be burned nor shall the flame scorch me. (Isaiah 43:2)

He wants to save you from getting drowned in them…but you prefer to suppress and repress them? He has promised me of his abiding and firm presence!

136691-599x801r1-Hungover-woman     Friend, Repression and Suppression of those negative emotions is not the will of your Heavenly Father. He awaits and expects his children to come to him.

Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need (time of helplessness, time of depression, time of loneliness, time of confusion, time of frustration, time of anger, time of hatred, time of pain, time of darkness). (Hebrews 4:16)

I have a Heavenly Father with whom I talk about everything that bothers me. All of it and I see much grace.

It is only the weak that find and receive strength!!!

Unforgiveness, Spiritual Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a disease in which plaque builds up inside your arteries. Arteries are blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood to your heart and other parts of your body. Plaque is made up of fat, cholesterol, calcium, and other substances found in the blood. Over time, plaque hardens and narrows your arteries. This limits the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your organs and other parts of your body.

Figure A shows a normal artery with normal blood flow. The inset image shows a cross-section of a normal artery. Figure B shows an artery with plaque buildup. The inset image shows a cross-section of an artery with plaque buildup.

Atherosclerosis can lead to serious problems, including heart attack, stroke or even death. (Ref:

Unforgiveness acts like the constituents of plaque that hardens and narrows the blood vessels. This time around, narrows the flow of the God-life in you. It stuffs out the Holy Spirit, his supply of Grace, Peace, Mercy, and opens up one to every manner of evil.Image result wey dey for unforgiveness

Every attempt to holdon to an offense only increases the size of the plaque in one’s life and this directly dove tails into blockage. Blockage of the God-Life.

Ever wondered why Jesus Christ recommends the ”77 x 7 daily” forgiveness pill for every offender? He understands the enormous effect and gravity of Unforgiveness;

  • hinders the receipt of God’s forgiveness (Matt 6:15 – But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins)
  • unanswered prayers (Mark 11: 25 -But when you are praying, first forgive anyone you are holding a grudge against)
  • Hinders the God-Life (Hebrews 12:15 – See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many)

    • Sickness and Weakness
    • break in relationship
    • Anger & Resentment (Witchcraft)
    • Stagnation
    • Dryness
    • Lack of joy, peace, excitement and liveliness
    • etc the effects are endless. It opens up you to the devil because it shuts out the grace of God.

Image result wey dey for unforgiveness

If you have the Spirit of God dwelling in you, then you have received the ability to forgive EVERY manner of offence. Jesus Christ displayed this grace while being crucified on the Cross. Stephen displayed same while being stoned to death…They cried, Father forgive them for they don’t know what they do.

Friend, your healing may just be tied to that grudge you have refused to forgive and let go. Your freedom, promotion, progress, deliverance, joy, peace may have been hindered because you have refused to forgive that brother or sister or your parents or employee or sibling or colleague.

Do a soul search today and liberate your soul of every bitterness, anger, unforgiveness for whatsoever offence. Your soul should not be the playing ground of the devil, neither was it meant to serve as a laboratory for his experiments (you give him a chance via unforgiveness, he will mess you up) Release them, you shouldn’t carry that load anymore and say it…”I DECIDE AND CHOOSE TO FORGIVE YOU AND LET GO (put their name here)” then put a call, send a message, give them that hug, a handshake or pay a visit to them and let them know they are forgiven. It may seem and feel difficult or awkward but don’t postpone your deliverance. The results are instantaneous!!!

I wait to read from you of the testimony.

Jesus Loves You Unconditionally.

Image result wey dey for i forgive you


The Measuring Tape… Ephesians 5:25-29

So I woke up this night reflecting over Husbands’ (my) responsibilities towards their wives (my love). I ask this one question to every Husband and eligible and prospective husband “Do you love her?” Let’s do a little measuring up and see…love her

See some thoughts gleaned from Scripture.

  1. Meanwhile…The man is to be like Christ, loving her unconditionally, washing her and making her sparkle and blossom daily!!!
  2. Looking unto Jesus the Author…Men, who are we looking unto? Who has authored that attitude towards your wife?
  3. Christ is so busy making a perfect Church…Man, get busy making your wife perfect. It’s your job.
  4. See how much Christ is doing to keep his Church…Man, how much have you done for her? And you are complaining?
  5. Jesus Christ is not tired of his Church…He is interceding for her before the Father.
  6. Why are you already giving up on your wife? Have you brought her before the Father?
  7. Christ is taking FULL responsibility in presenting a spotless Church, he isn’t waiting for her to be clean…He is washing her daily with the Word.
  8. It’s your FULL responsibility to present her spotless. Do not neglect her else you will present her full of spots and you won’t be proud of her.
  9. Who are you waiting for to polish her? Christ did & is busy at his work. Get busy man…
  10. How come it is the woman that is believed to be the one that loves? Christ loved the Church and laid down his life for her. Oga, let the love be poured out. She needs it to breathe.
  11. Husbands love your wife JUST AS CHRIST…STRAIGTH INSTRUCTION not subject to negotiation.
  12. The Church is Christ’s personal project. He is at it daily.
    Let her be your personal project and work at it daily!!!
  13. Hmmm, Christ died for us while we were still sinners…we weren’t good yet he laid down his life to redeem us. Oga sir, this one too is your job to do. Be ready to lay down your life in any way to give her life. She is first before you.
  14. Demonstrate to her how much Christ loves his Church…
  15. It is in love that the Church finds it compelling to submit to Christ. Take a cue from Christ…
  16. Even when she isn’t yielding…Keep loving and keep washing. It’s your job brother. For how long will she refuse unconditional love? But na work oooo.
  17. As stubborn and stiffnecked as we can be too many times…Jesus Christ is always pouring his love over us to help us become spotless.


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May 2017


These (listening, waiting & obeying) seem to be the most important elements in a man’s life (male & female). A man who have not developed the habit to hear God will not amount to so much as far as heaven’s measurement is concerned. A man will be limited in his work, business, job, project, ministry etc if he doesn’t take the matter of hearing God as top of the list of priorities.

In Revelation 3: 20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

Indeed, the Father is constantly yearning for a Relationship with his own. That is why he Stands and Knock…..

The key to allowing God have his mind unveiled to us is if anyone HEARS. In Biochemistry, we can say that HEARING is a precursor to determining the direction of a man’s life who is in Christ.

Today, Let me ask you if you bother about HEARING God?

Let me tie this Rev 3:20 with a very important story in scripture Luke 10:38-41…The story of Mary & Martha. Very interesting revelations reside in this scripture about the Need to Listen to God.

The second portion of Vs 38, Martha OPENED HER HOME to him.

This is beautiful. Martha opened her home to Jesus when he came to her village. So have many of us being doing. As Jesus comes around us with his word, we are quick to open our hearts to him. This is beautiful, this is awesome!

But the matter doesn’t end in opening our home to him see Rev 3:20 again He wants to fellowship with you, he wants to eat with you and you with him when he comes into your home.

He doesn’t just want to come in because it’s another home.

Back to Luke 10: Something more like a wrong matter is happening. Martha opened her home, but it was her sister Mary who SAT AT THE LORD’S FEET LISTENING TO WHAT HE SAID



Martha represents what many of us are. We have opened the door of our heart but have become distracted with SERVICING OR SERVING

He isn’t as interested in your service as he is interested in your eating with him and him with you.

That was what Mary did. Beyond serving or servicing the master she SAT AT THE LORD’S FEET LISTENING…….This is the height of the service he really wants. Friends, are we still listening to the Lord?

When last did you sit at the Lord’s feet?

Or are you like Martha who have opened your home and have said to him let me do what I think is important?

Martha had no understanding of Rev 3:20. He want to tell her something but she wasn’t listening. She was simply busy.

See her reaction to someone who had an understanding of Rev 3:20 in the latter part of Vs 40:

Lord (she still calls him Lord), don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me.

Hmmm, who gave you the work that has so taken up you that you cannot sit and listen to the Lord? Martha had formed A work she now calls THE work. Afterall it isn’t Mary’s responsibility to help with the work….It is the Lord’s.

Mary was busy with the work and indeed she had no reason to complain of doing it all alone, because it was the Lord that was helping her. See Rev 3:20 again and again.

Jesus summarises the matter. Martha, that isn’t why I came into your home. Jenom that wasn’t the reason I came into your home. I wanted fellowship. I wanted to tell you so much, but you have become DISTRACTED.

No one can ever take away time spent with the lord. That is where we hear his heart, when we eat with him and him with us.

We save our self a lot of trouble when we choose to sit at the lord’s feet and listen to what he has to say.

Do you know what God has to say?

It is only when beyond opening the door of your home you intentionally sit at the lord’s feet and listen.

A troubled and busy and unsettled heart cannot hear god, even though the door is opened.

Martha didn’t hear what the lord had to say even though she was the one that opened the door of her home.

Beyond opening your heart to receive Jesus and his word, choose to listen to what he has to say. This is eternal.

God bless us all.

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October 2016

Love Came Down

love came down

  1. Christmas…More than just a story in History. Christmas…the Journey of Love to Man. Indeed Man doomed and marked for destruction. For Man already stood condemned before the Father. But #LoveCameDown!!!
  2. The fallen star who had a great fall was in great jubilation for We stood condemned and were gonna join him in a perpetual fallen state. He could have stayed back in Glory and allow man destroyed…But #LoveCameDown
  3. So the Journey began to restore you and me back to the fellowship with God like it was when the Voice of God would walk in the garden in the cool evening.
  4. And the Son of God became the Son of Man. What a Love Revelation and Transfiguration. Much More than a story in history.
  5. Though He came over 2016 years ago…Yet this Love Revelation and Transfiguration stirs and burns in my heart like He came just today, His love ravishes my heart everyday…Now this is the greatest of His coming! He can come to your heart today. #LoveCameDown. Has he come to you? Selah….
  6. The Son of God became the son of Man not to simply display his power, might and splendour…He had Love engrained in this decision. It was Love that was the framework of this Mysteries Story in History that lives beyond the history.
  7. The Son of God became the Son of Man so that He came make you and me (who were lost and condemned) become Sons of God. O What manner of Love is this?
  8. I was still & laid down in my bed and wonder what manner of Love propelled the Son of God and Kept Him through the Journey from eternity too time, from Glory to misery, From Immortality to Corruption…All in the bid to salvage the sons of men all headed for destruction. This Love none can give.
  9. Indeed #LoveCameDown, down to where I was, down He came to raise me up. Today I have been raised sited as a Son of God. Love always comes down. Yes, The Son of God came down and became the Son of Man for Love Sake!!!
  10. He had innumerable hosts of angels singing his praise and worshipping him day and night, yet he wanted me to do this for him. He thought of you and me and came down.
  11. He could exist without me and you, afterall it was our tradeoff that brought us to the condemned position. He would still be the Son of God. But Love wanted many more to be like him…He came down.
  12. #LoveCameDown and became a son of man and experienced my constrains, pains, anguish, weakness etc in fleshy garment….all to redeem me. Wasn’t there any other way? It was the way and He chose to do it. Chaiii. What manner of Love is this? It is the Love that comes down.
  13. Oh, I was wallowing and sliding deeper in my sin. He saw me from eternity, long before the foundations of the earth, long before I was conceived or crafted in my mother’s womb…This Love moved him to come and rescue me. I am free again.
  14. Oh, I do not deserve this manner of Love, so pure, so real, so sacred, so persistent, so consistent, so intentional, so deep, so personal, so powerful, so compelling, so sacrificial, so healing.
  15. I am changed and still changing into the fullness of the Son of God, I have been made new, My destiny has been bought and changed. Not just a son of man, Now a son of God. Am so excited about this. I am redeemed, I am Heaven bound because
  16. His Love constrains and compels me…I do not have any other way to live than for him alone. I give up every other for his love. He will yet bring many more sons of men through me to become sons of God. I invite you today to meet my Jesus Christ. My Lover, My King, My Saviour, My Deliverer, My Redeemer, My Hope, My Life. In Him I have come to find life. You too can find life for #LoveCameDown, #LoveIsHere, #HeStillLovesYou
  17. The Son of God became the Son of Man So That You too will become a Son of God

It was fuelled by Love

It was sustained by Love

It was executed by Love

It is Kept by Love

Love Has Come Down and Down there with You and Is Calling You.

Accept this Love Today

  1. Yes…He was born a manger. Not just because there was no space in the inn or he couldn’t have created a better place to receive his birth. He also wanted to depict my state – I didn’t make space for him…Yet #LoveCameDown
  2. The Manger also showed the condition I was in. A horrible and disgusting condition. Yet #LoveCameDown to tell me that irrespective of my State or what displeasing lifestyle I choose to live…He is ready to come to me…#LoveCameDown
  3. You may not have a space for him in your heart or the space you have is just like that manger…He wants to come to you. Just make your manger available to him and #LoveWillComeDown

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December 2016




Obedience is a huge testometer in the hands of the Most High God, it will reveal my love for God or reveal my hypocrisy.

Obedience says…Lord I submit, right away I execute. Disobedience says…Lord why do I need to do this? Can’t it wait for a convenient time?

Disobedience says, ‘haba God…can’t you understand that this is totally unreasonable?’ Obedience says…’Kai God…this is really crazy, but you know what? I am gonna go all out to do it.’

You remember father Abraham? He did crazy stuffs for the cause of obedience…He was circumcised at the age of Eighty Nine (89). God calls it Obedience, men call it Foolishness.

It will sometimes look like ‘have you gone knots?’ which kind of God will ask you to do stuffs like this? The voices of your parents and friends echo back and forth. Yet it was Abraham that went to offer his son as a burnt offering. Will you go this far?

Until my Obedience is complete…I do not love the Lord. Go ask Abraham.

Next time when you sing Father Abraham has many sons…Ask yourself, AM I INDEED ABRAHAM’S SON? Sons Obey…They don’t disregard their father’s instructions or commands. Are you a son?

Let’s inquire of Saul? Obedience will push you further away than you ever bargained, Cost you much more than you ever envisaged. He was rejected as king over Israel because his obedience was not complete.

Have you asked Adam and Eve the cost of disobedience and the distance you can cover in the realm of disobedience? I think you should.

One Minute of Obedience will yield the fruit of the land much more than Fifteen minutes of incomplete Obedience or Absolute Disobedience.

Let’s have a flash back on Joseph’s life….He obeyed and fled in a minute and eventually became a prime minister. Someone else chose to obey partially and he relinquished his kingship immediately.

99% Obedience is equal to (=) Disobedience.

Would you rather obey God and displease him or would you rather obey her and displease the Lord, Your God and Father? Choose yea this day!

Jesus learnt obedience from the things he suffered. Selah

If that brother will not help you obey God, my sister no be negotiation matter o. Your destiny na him you wan sell be that.

Obedience may not always be simple like a straight line graph, it is many times difficult like a cosine curve, challenges the usual or accepted, it will sometime cost you a fortune like a Ferrari, it may even cost you your friends and cost you some face before men like a charred skin…..But when its time to be distinguished….hmmmm, your rep no go get part two.

May God help us all to be Resolutely Obedient to our Father and thereby show our love for Him.

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JULY 2016