Don’t Settle for Less


This afternoon let me share some thoughts I had within the week. It’s a refresher of what I shared with some friends sometimes in January 2016.

Let’s open our Bibles to Genesis 26:1-25 (with emphasis from Vs 17-25)

Famine is a terrible experience and many times makes one to take wrong decisions or moves because a need has to be met.

The natural tendency for Isaac was to move down to Egypt, but God quickly intervened and instructed him to rather remain in GERAR (By the way GERAR means Lodging Place).

Lesson 1: It is natural for us to leave the lodging place for Egypt where we think there is space for us because Egypt would usually seem like the right place on the surface. (In Hebrew, Egypt means Bondage)

In choosing that spouse, don’t just follow the natural which is most likely deceptive. Hear God. Don’t rush to Egypt because you THINK, FEEL, OR IMAGINE that it will satisfy your famine. Egypt may have all the tall guy, the figure eight chic, the rich brother, the endowed sister etc you name it, funnie enough it may even have the spiritus bro or sis, yet, it is a place of bondage you maybe headed for.

God told Isaac….”Do not go DOWN to Egypt” it is a going down

“Stay in this land for a while, *and I will be with you and will bless you.”

So Isaac stayed in Gerar!!!

Friends lets stay in Gerar, it may not seem like the best but GOD WILL BE WITH YOU.

A similar story I love so much is that of Na’omi and her daughters in-laws in the book of Ruth. (Gist for another day)

That brother’s wallet doesn’t look like what can give you peace, she may not be all spirokoko but my brother stay there, my sister remain there….that is where God wants you to be. (As long as he was the one that lead you).

(Don’t mind my writings. I talk alot while writing to elaborate and emphasize)

Let’s move on….(hope you are entering inside the picture we are painting?)

Let me leave Vs 18 for today. We will share on this some other time.

Vs 19-20 – The herdsmen of Isaac dug a well and found fresh water in the valley of Gerar. but the herdsmen of Gerar quarrelled with Isaac’s herdsmen and they gave the place a name ESEK (meaning Contention, Strive, Struggle or Quarrel)

Vs 21 – Isaac’s herdsmen went on to dig another well, but they quarrelled over it again and gave the place a name SITNAH (means Hatred, Hostility)

Vs 12 – They moved on else where and dug another well, no one quarrelled over it

And Isaac named the the place REHOBOTH (means the place of enlargement and flourishing)

Lesson 2: Have you imagined what it takes to dig a well till you are able to hit water? It’s really tough, however, after successfully finding water, the men of Gerar contested and quarrelled and strived against the Men of Isaac. This happened twice. These two experiences left them with a bitter experience and they gave those places names that was associated with their experiences.

Friends, you may have met that Mr Right brother or Miss Right sister and you are all excited….unfortunately, there is a strife for that one you have found.

Family is quarrelling with you over this choice, other people have quarrelled with you over this spouse saying she belongs to me or he belongs to me.

Or even death have strived with you and taken your dream spouse.

It has happened again and again that you now tagged those relationships with names just to explain that relationship. Hmmmm.

Some have even shut the door of their hearts to relationships because of the strife and heart breaks. You don’t think there can be any more good that can come from a relationship. You have given up on love. You are afraid they may take advantage of you again. You fear they may cheat you again, you fear they may just deceive you. You simply move on with a closed heart.

Remember what Isaac did….He reopened the wells his Father Abraham had dug which the people had closed. Don’t give up my friend. You can still meet God’s best for your relationship and marriage.

You have reluctantly agreed to enter into relationship and by God’s mercies no one is quarrelling with you anymore. Family is not contending your decision, your friends even seem to have accepted this guy or babe. Indeed no one else is contesting with you over this one and it seems you have arrived. Intact you have named the relationship your own Rehoboth

Indeed it is a great place to be.

I can imagine the men of Isaac celebrating this trouble free location.

Don’t give up moving on. You may hit trouble but don’t give up. Go higher.

But something strange happened in Vs 23. I would have expected that Isaac and his men would build an Estate and settle at Rehoboth.

Isaac was not satisfied with a “no one quarrelled over it” well. He must have thought that there must be something deeper.

Isaac and his men WENT UP to BEEESHEBA (well of seven, place of oath/covenant). That night the Lord appeared to him AND SAID …… Then Isaac did three things

  1. built an Altar and call upon the name of the Lord
  2. Pitched his tent
  3. They dug a well

Lesson 3: Isaac didn’t pitch his tent until God SAID He wasn’t satisfied with Rehoboth even though it was a good place to be. It was a satisfying place to be. That brother or sister may not necessarily be a problem or have a particular issue that will bring quarrel or contest in the relationship….but may I ask you a solemn question….*What has God said?*

Until Isaac moves from his place of Ease, Complacency, Comfort….God didn’t speak. Friends we must seek the voice of God as far as the Relationship is concerned. You cannot settle for less than God has plan for you.

See what happened….Going to BEERSHEBA is a Going Up the opposite of EGYPT Going Down

God made an oath with Isaac for believing him and following him up to Beersheba which is where REST is located.

Funny enough, it wasn’t the well (The brother or sister) that was the first matter. It was God’s voice that brought the order.

#God Appeared and Spoke (made an Oath)

#Isaac Built an Altar and Called upon God

#Pitched his tenth

#Dug the well

In Conclusion, let me make this submission; Don’t pitch your tent just yet….you are only at Rehoboth. Beersheba is still ahead. Press on move ahead to where God want you to be. He is good, she is good yes….but is that God’s BEERSHEBA for you or you are comfortable with being with REHOBOTH?





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