Love Came Down

love came down

  1. Christmas…More than just a story in History. Christmas…the Journey of Love to Man. Indeed Man doomed and marked for destruction. For Man already stood condemned before the Father. But #LoveCameDown!!!
  2. The fallen star who had a great fall was in great jubilation for We stood condemned and were gonna join him in a perpetual fallen state. He could have stayed back in Glory and allow man destroyed…But #LoveCameDown
  3. So the Journey began to restore you and me back to the fellowship with God like it was when the Voice of God would walk in the garden in the cool evening.
  4. And the Son of God became the Son of Man. What a Love Revelation and Transfiguration. Much More than a story in history.
  5. Though He came over 2016 years ago…Yet this Love Revelation and Transfiguration stirs and burns in my heart like He came just today, His love ravishes my heart everyday…Now this is the greatest of His coming! He can come to your heart today. #LoveCameDown. Has he come to you? Selah….
  6. The Son of God became the son of Man not to simply display his power, might and splendour…He had Love engrained in this decision. It was Love that was the framework of this Mysteries Story in History that lives beyond the history.
  7. The Son of God became the Son of Man so that He came make you and me (who were lost and condemned) become Sons of God. O What manner of Love is this?
  8. I was still & laid down in my bed and wonder what manner of Love propelled the Son of God and Kept Him through the Journey from eternity too time, from Glory to misery, From Immortality to Corruption…All in the bid to salvage the sons of men all headed for destruction. This Love none can give.
  9. Indeed #LoveCameDown, down to where I was, down He came to raise me up. Today I have been raised sited as a Son of God. Love always comes down. Yes, The Son of God came down and became the Son of Man for Love Sake!!!
  10. He had innumerable hosts of angels singing his praise and worshipping him day and night, yet he wanted me to do this for him. He thought of you and me and came down.
  11. He could exist without me and you, afterall it was our tradeoff that brought us to the condemned position. He would still be the Son of God. But Love wanted many more to be like him…He came down.
  12. #LoveCameDown and became a son of man and experienced my constrains, pains, anguish, weakness etc in fleshy garment….all to redeem me. Wasn’t there any other way? It was the way and He chose to do it. Chaiii. What manner of Love is this? It is the Love that comes down.
  13. Oh, I was wallowing and sliding deeper in my sin. He saw me from eternity, long before the foundations of the earth, long before I was conceived or crafted in my mother’s womb…This Love moved him to come and rescue me. I am free again.
  14. Oh, I do not deserve this manner of Love, so pure, so real, so sacred, so persistent, so consistent, so intentional, so deep, so personal, so powerful, so compelling, so sacrificial, so healing.
  15. I am changed and still changing into the fullness of the Son of God, I have been made new, My destiny has been bought and changed. Not just a son of man, Now a son of God. Am so excited about this. I am redeemed, I am Heaven bound because
  16. His Love constrains and compels me…I do not have any other way to live than for him alone. I give up every other for his love. He will yet bring many more sons of men through me to become sons of God. I invite you today to meet my Jesus Christ. My Lover, My King, My Saviour, My Deliverer, My Redeemer, My Hope, My Life. In Him I have come to find life. You too can find life for #LoveCameDown, #LoveIsHere, #HeStillLovesYou
  17. The Son of God became the Son of Man So That You too will become a Son of God

It was fuelled by Love

It was sustained by Love

It was executed by Love

It is Kept by Love

Love Has Come Down and Down there with You and Is Calling You.

Accept this Love Today

  1. Yes…He was born a manger. Not just because there was no space in the inn or he couldn’t have created a better place to receive his birth. He also wanted to depict my state – I didn’t make space for him…Yet #LoveCameDown
  2. The Manger also showed the condition I was in. A horrible and disgusting condition. Yet #LoveCameDown to tell me that irrespective of my State or what displeasing lifestyle I choose to live…He is ready to come to me…#LoveCameDown
  3. You may not have a space for him in your heart or the space you have is just like that manger…He wants to come to you. Just make your manger available to him and #LoveWillComeDown

Ablaze Inc ©

December 2016



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