The Measuring Tape… Ephesians 5:25-29

So I woke up this night reflecting over Husbands’ (my) responsibilities towards their wives (my love). I ask this one question to every Husband and eligible and prospective husband “Do you love her?” Let’s do a little measuring up and see…love her

See some thoughts gleaned from Scripture.

  1. Meanwhile…The man is to be like Christ, loving her unconditionally, washing her and making her sparkle and blossom daily!!!
  2. Looking unto Jesus the Author…Men, who are we looking unto? Who has authored that attitude towards your wife?
  3. Christ is so busy making a perfect Church…Man, get busy making your wife perfect. It’s your job.
  4. See how much Christ is doing to keep his Church…Man, how much have you done for her? And you are complaining?
  5. Jesus Christ is not tired of his Church…He is interceding for her before the Father.
  6. Why are you already giving up on your wife? Have you brought her before the Father?
  7. Christ is taking FULL responsibility in presenting a spotless Church, he isn’t waiting for her to be clean…He is washing her daily with the Word.
  8. It’s your FULL responsibility to present her spotless. Do not neglect her else you will present her full of spots and you won’t be proud of her.
  9. Who are you waiting for to polish her? Christ did & is busy at his work. Get busy man…
  10. How come it is the woman that is believed to be the one that loves? Christ loved the Church and laid down his life for her. Oga, let the love be poured out. She needs it to breathe.
  11. Husbands love your wife JUST AS CHRIST…STRAIGTH INSTRUCTION not subject to negotiation.
  12. The Church is Christ’s personal project. He is at it daily.
    Let her be your personal project and work at it daily!!!
  13. Hmmm, Christ died for us while we were still sinners…we weren’t good yet he laid down his life to redeem us. Oga sir, this one too is your job to do. Be ready to lay down your life in any way to give her life. She is first before you.
  14. Demonstrate to her how much Christ loves his Church…
  15. It is in love that the Church finds it compelling to submit to Christ. Take a cue from Christ…
  16. Even when she isn’t yielding…Keep loving and keep washing. It’s your job brother. For how long will she refuse unconditional love? But na work oooo.
  17. As stubborn and stiffnecked as we can be too many times…Jesus Christ is always pouring his love over us to help us become spotless.


Ablaze Inc ©

May 2017


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