The Woman God Made

womanShe was first made by God, she wasn’t the concept of man or the design of the society. Therefore, she should be governed not by societal requirements and expectations but by the expectations of the source from which she came from

She is first the carrier of an image rather than the aura she exudes. Her aura is only reflective of the one who made her so beautifully

Yes she is adorned with beauty, charm, radiance, tenderness, love and you name it. Don’t take her for granted. Don’t toy with her.

She is indeed beautiful, no doubt, God took time to form her. But her value transcends her physical beauty. Beyond her face is a reflection…what do you see?

She is deep, she sees far, she sees with an extra inspiration even the natural woman. Sometimes can’t help but wonder how long God used in making her. She seems to carry the spirit and breathe of God more…hmmm

#This woman God made is another complete vessel God fashioned to compliment the pair. She isn’t less.

Scriptures never meant she was less in value when it said of her to be of the weaker vessel na na!!! It was only her disposition. This calls for a lot of responsibility to her husband. To dwell with her in understanding….(_talk_ for another day)

Handle her with care, love and attention. She needs it every day to remain productive. Those are her grease. Except you want a know how to move a knocked out engine.

Is she your wife? Pray with & for her, is she your mother? Pray with & for her, is she your sister? Pray with & for her, is she your daughter? Pray with & for her. Is she your girlfriend or fiancée? Pray with for her. It gives her a sense of supernatural covering. Backing and strength.

Let’s stop all these equality campaign….it was never God’s intention and will never. She was never made to be equal to the male man. It is rather a pit of hell agenda to minimize the capacity and doings of the woman on earth. Come on, you are much more than that.

It is a demeaning of yourself to be struggling for equal right with whom you were created to fulfill the agenda of God…dominion.

If you are equal to the male man…then kindly return your womb to God. You probably don’t understand what he wants of you and did.

Didn’t you read in your bibles that she is the glory of the man? Am sure you haven’t read this, that is why you are busy looking for recognition….not so with #THE WOMAN GOD MADE

She is the man with the womb or the carrier, a conceiver, the one who brings forth, she multiplies.

Give a woman a seed and in nine months she brings forth a miracle – another human. A miracle because the potential of the seed is of global impart.

Without the womb man, the mandate of mankind to multiply and fill the earth would have been a history. A story that would probably never be told.

Give a woman a seed and guess what? She will multiply it. Give her a seed of love…you will get in return 10folds, give her a seed of trouble…you will get in return 10folds, pressed down shaken together and running over. Cherish her, care for her….and she will blossom, she will radiate with irresistible beauty. This is #THE WOMAN GOD MADE

She conceives and hatches the seed of purpose she receives….a wise man knows this and walks closely with his wise to bring forth his vision and dreams…if na lie ask Bro. Ocholi…he will give you a revelation.

Why do you think there was violence in heaven? Satan was afraid of God’s creation – the womb man (woman). His position as next to God was going to be changed, for a son, who was going to be an heir was to be brought forth. And guess what? It was through a woman. Yes #THE WOMAN GOD MADE

It all started in the book of revelation that Satan started a mission to frustrate #THE WOMAN GOD MADE. He failed….he came to genesis again, he failed yet again, for God said her seed will crush your head

He hasn’t given up. That was why in 1995 he gathered people in Beijing to reduce the understanding of who they are. Today, women want to become men….who will now be the men if the women leave their womanhood.

You wanna the best of a woman? Give her not just a seed but create the good soil and climate for her to thrive. You will be shocked to your bones what she is capable of bringing forth.

She may not look like it, but she’s got enormous strength.

Don’t reduce her to a sex toy or child factory or cleaner or chef or all those stuff… na!!!, that isn’t her calling. They are only jara

Finally, #THE WOMAN GOD MADE is a proverb 31 woman…full of grace, with higher value than rubies. God made something different. It was #THE WOMAN GOD MADE

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July 2016


The Man God Created

And God waited to extend his territory of glory, influence and impart….then he made you. The one created to carry the image & person of God. Not for show but for influence, dominion and multiplication of the God-kind. To sustain the kingdom of heaven on the earth.

He is the man that finds solace, peace, joy, instruction and leadership in the presence of God. He is full of the Spirit of God and not filled with wine. He is outpouring the fruit of the Spirit and not cloth with the apparel of worldliness.

When you make contact with the man God created, you know you have met a God-man, his words are seasoned with healing and encouragement, his ways are not his but the Lord’s – no wonder he won’t lead his spouse astray.

He is the man who’s words are powerful, creative and law. He is prophetic in his tongue. No wonder ‘’He brought them to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name

#The Man God Created is a man of authority who understands that he is also under authority, he therefore submits to God and his instructions. He is not a man of his own but he has been bought over to a new life – the God life.

#The Man God Created is the man that is busy with the work God has given him, he has found it and is not lazing about it. It is consumed with fulfilling it, nothing gets him more excited than finishing his work.

He is not intimidated by the prowess and grace of his wife or fiancée, He is too busy fulfilling what God has given him. He has just one measurement of satisfaction which is in the one who has called him. He has no business competing with his spouse.

#The Man God Created is the one that has learnt to hear the voice of God and obey it. God’s voice is no mirage or tale…it is an everyday thing to him. He has a relationship with his creator and strives to fulfil it daily. He hears God for himself, his spouse and children. He gives them heaven-led leadership.

His spouse and kids believe him, they follow him and may even be submerged in his vision. They feel safe and comfortable and readily willing to go where-so-ever he stirs their familyship

He is the weak man and frail man who has stood strong through tough and fierce times, because he finds strength and knows what to do in the secret place. He doesn’t neglect that place, he understands the volumes and capacities and depths and foresight he finds before God.

He isn’t just groping in the dark and jumping from pillar to post…NO!!! He is firm not because he has muscles to flex, but because he has heard from his Master & his heart is burning with obedience and submission.

So that you don’t think he is a flawless man, you would be disappointed!!! #The Man God Created got some flaws, but he isn’t relishing in them. Daily he spends time before his maker to touch him. He lays them before him and strive to live above them. He is constantly changing and improving….

He is cloth in humility and accepts his failings, he isn’t proud not to think he can’t fall, therefore he guards his heart with all diligence and watch himself so he isn’t falling unnecessarily.

His wife calls him my lord….for he has earned it, in him she finds compelling reasons to submit. His children call him father not just because he supplied the seed but he demonstrates fatherhood indeed.

#The Man God Created is the man who is broken.

He isn’t just the man with television, but also the man with vision

He isn’t just a man with the money and the honey, but also the man with character

He isn’t just a man with a career, but also a man who has found his work

He isn’t just the man with the flows, but also the man full with the Holy Ghost

He is the man that refuses to toy with sin.

He is the man that does respects his spouse and has chosen her ALONE.

Be the #The Man God Created

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July 2016


Love No Be for Mouth

So you think he won’t soon get bored with those your “I Love you booboo” or you think she won’t soon get fed up with your story lines of “how na she be your queen”? There is more, there is the correct expression. It is COMMITMENT & SACRIFICE.

Your Love will be tested and tried in the furnace of COMMITMENT & SACRIFICE. The pertinent question is; will it come out refined as gold and glittering or will it be consumed and melted away? Hmmm, Selah…

Jesus Christ remains our perfect example of what love really is and looks like. He was committed and sacrificial. If you could read the chromosomes in the poured out blood. Two chromosomes you would definitely see will be SACRIFICE & COMMITMENT.

He didn’t just say he loved us, mba! He displayed it to the public. It was his commitment that took him to the cross.

Your love will last only as long as you profess it if it is not wired with sacrifice and founded on sacrifice, It will soon become expired, no more inspirational and unable to more a drop of blood, neither will her heart race anymore. Your love na fake.

Bro…If you can’t give up your good for her excellence, probably you don’t love her yet. Sis, so you have a spare relationship and you claim to love him? This is deceit. Love ain’t so!

Love no be for mouth alone ooo. Let it be revealed by your commitment to her and your sacrifice for him. Which cross have you been hanged to show your love for her?

Bro, have you seen Ephesians 5:25-27? No be Love for mouth…It is a call to COMMIT-MENT & SA-CRI-FICE.

She will only understand and know the extent of your professed love when she repeatedly see how much you are committed to her cause and sacrificial to see her glow. Else your love becomes a fable, a mirage and yet another story.

See, Jesus Christ didn’t just love his disciples, he showed it. He showed the full extent of his love by doing the unconceivable. He washed his disciples’ feet (cleansed from sin). He stripped his outer garment (his glory, God-ness, Highness, immortality) and wrapped a towel (human body, dying body, mortality) so he could do his love. Little wonder when Jesus now whispers his love to your heart, it melts with blazing fire because his love was first done.

Jesus Christ, Our perfect lover, Our Perfect love model, Our perfect understanding of how truly to love.

Sis, have you seen Ephesians 5:28? No be Love for talk…It is a call to CO-MMITMENT & SA-CRI-FICE. Committed to being submissive.

Why are too many relationships cracking and breaking and shattering unnecessarily? We have reduced love to words only…I Love you Baby…I Love you booboo…Suffice it to say, Love is actually an action word much more than a spoken word.

When the chips are down, when the beauty fades away and the dovie lovie seemingly fizzles away, you will soon fall out of that relationship if in the first place you were never committed to your spouse…are you committed to that relationship?

COMMITMENT & SACRIFICE are two constitute of the grease that will be required to keep your relationship functional because enhhh…..the sweetness fluid may not always be there and you will want to give up the relationship.

So you wanna keep her or him stayed with you? One thing I know will do is not just the endless Vocal love but the Doing Love which is held strong within the fabrics of COMMITMENT & SACRIFICE.

Next time you wanna tell her “I Love you Sweet….check again, Am I committed to her? Have I been sacrificial so far?


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July 2016


The Gift of Process

Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides. You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colours. So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well developed, not deficient in any way. (James 1:2-4 Msg).

We live in a time and season where ‘’EVIDENCE’’ is overrated. Process is not generally considered as a worthy cause. We want things to fall in place now. We want to handle the future today, forgetting that there is a distance between today and the future.

Little wonder our Evidence are short lived; without deep stains and impact. They become like flowers that only blossom for a short time and once the wind or sun cast their effects on them, they shrivel and wither away. Their beauty, colourfulness and radiance attract and are celebrated, but for how long?

Now let me make a clarification, I am not endorsing laxity or unnecessary delay. I am only stating some obvious realities of our generation. So we can make progress.

Let’s see a quick example; a child that is born today will soon be considered for school even before the baby gets weaned. Process is inhibited because we want to show to the world that our child is smart and intelligent. No, we are beginning to short change the full development of their baby.

We soon transfer these kids to untrained, unloving, and unskilled hands to train them. Remember Mephibosheth in the Bible? He got crippled because of careless handlers…Unfortunately in many aspects of our lives we are running away from process in order that we may display our evidence too soon.

There is this proverb that we all sing so easily but many times do not live by; ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ Hmmm, unfortunately, some parents want the Rome of their children’s marriages and home to be built in a day, forgetting so quickly how they began their own journey; lovers want the Rome of their relationships to be built immediately, forgetting that the other relationships they so admired didn’t start off at the point where they now see them.

Now, let’s do a little extrapolation and apply this to other aspects of our lives. We have been driven crazily into a format of livelihood that is not sustainable. The world is squeezing us into an unrealistic mold of showing off, evidence and results that we do not even take a chill pill to think of what we are doing. It’s now a rat race of unhealthy competition that is despising the gift of process and making.

My generation doesn’t want the process or at least the full process, but wants to be in the full result and evidence so that our pride will know no bound and we could oppress those that have chosen to patiently go through process to emerge fully made when and where the difference would be made clear.

Even our salvation was a process. Jesus Christ had the offer of making it shorter and faster, but he knew it wasn’t the real deal, he knew it wasn’t going to last, he knew it wasn’t the path. He followed the plan and allowed process play out its course in full so he could get the result and evidence in full.

Do you see what this means—all these pioneers who blazed the way, all these veterans cheering us on? It means we’d better get on with it. Strip down, start running—and never quit! No extra spiritual fat, no parasitic sins. Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we’re in. Study how he did it. Because he never lost sight of where he was headed—that exhilarating finish in and with God—he could put up with anything along the way: Cross, shame, whatever. And now he’s there, in the place of honor, right alongside God. When you find yourselves flagging in your faith, go over that story again, item by item, that long litany of hostility he plowed through. That will shoot adrenaline into your souls! (Hebrews 12:1-3 Msg)

How amazing that process could be described as a sheer gift, it is a gift because it bestows and confers the ingredients to become a man or woman with tested grace that abides and is effectual. Process transforms, removes, breaks, adds and furnishes a raw material into the expected finished product that satisfies and meets needs. It is process that makes a piece of wood to become that piece of furniture you so admire. If at any time the piece of wood jumps out of process, it becomes useless.

Hmm, let me add another example I find rather hilarious yet applicable. One of my Mentors, Bro. Gbile Akanni once used the preparation of pounded yam to describe the Christian growth. Think through the pilling of the raw yam tuber, setting up of the fire and water temperature to be reached for the cooking to take place and the actual pounding before a very smooth and thick lump of well package pounded yam ball is ready to be served. Just imagine that the raw yam tuber was never pilled…It already means you are not ready to have pounded yam on the other side, or if the yam after set on fire is not cooked appropriately, you won’t have a good pound. If for any reason the yam jumps out of the pot mid-way of being set on fire you know for sure that there won’t be any poundy for you.

This is just to buttress the point that every stage in the process of being made or arriving your into your destiny is just as important as the other and any form of short changing will affect the ultimate product.

My generation must imbibe the virtue of patience, endurance, long suffering and humility to enjoy in full this gift called Process. In fact, the test of your maturity is in the recognition of the process and choosing not to jump out but stay in for it to complete its work…enduring and drawing from the pain which will bring forth gain.

A pregnant woman would endure all the sickness, pain, sleeplessness, body and hormonal changes and its effects, kicking of the child, going to the hospital etc because she carries something in her womb she is looking forward to bringing forth. She has placed a high premium already on it and has made up her mind to wait the full period of 9months to bring forth the child she is carrying. Anything short of this will mean the loss of her baby. She will do all she can to ensure the child is born alive. She will not for the sake of wanting to show the world that she has a child bring out the child after her first trimester. This will amount to complete folly. But this seems to be what our generation is up to. Killing futures today because we have failed to appreciate the sheer gift of process.

In conclusion, the last paragraph of our text of discuss charges thus: So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well developed, not deficient in any way.

The reason we end up with so much that is immature in our times is because we are always in a hurry to jump the gun. Nothing seems sweet or palatable when half done or cooked. Likewise, we become unpalatable, ineffective, unreliable and fading away when we refuse to stay within the shells of incubation and want to show our undone evidence.

You will not need to show evidence when you have agreed to go through process. Showing forth is part of process. It will bring forth the peaceable fruits of your patience and humility and endurance without even you making an extra effort. It will be the necessary outcome of staying in the process.

We would have more intelligent kids as it were when we allow them go through the development process and not rush them through their life. We would see better homes and marriages when we allow couples grow in marriage rather than pressuring them to enter a future they have not grown stamina for. Our economic climate will be better off because we have politicians that will not see politics as a means of getting rich quickly. Relationships will be more successful because expectations become rational and healthy and not comparative or competitive. The application goes on and on.

Bishop T.D Jakes said something I find very profound and will state it as the last word “Stop looking for a discount on your destiny! It costs, and you’re either all in or you’re all out!”

God bless my generation. Amen

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May 2017

Don’t Settle for Less


This afternoon let me share some thoughts I had within the week. It’s a refresher of what I shared with some friends sometimes in January 2016.

Let’s open our Bibles to Genesis 26:1-25 (with emphasis from Vs 17-25)

Famine is a terrible experience and many times makes one to take wrong decisions or moves because a need has to be met.

The natural tendency for Isaac was to move down to Egypt, but God quickly intervened and instructed him to rather remain in GERAR (By the way GERAR means Lodging Place).

Lesson 1: It is natural for us to leave the lodging place for Egypt where we think there is space for us because Egypt would usually seem like the right place on the surface. (In Hebrew, Egypt means Bondage)

In choosing that spouse, don’t just follow the natural which is most likely deceptive. Hear God. Don’t rush to Egypt because you THINK, FEEL, OR IMAGINE that it will satisfy your famine. Egypt may have all the tall guy, the figure eight chic, the rich brother, the endowed sister etc you name it, funnie enough it may even have the spiritus bro or sis, yet, it is a place of bondage you maybe headed for.

God told Isaac….”Do not go DOWN to Egypt” it is a going down

“Stay in this land for a while, *and I will be with you and will bless you.”

So Isaac stayed in Gerar!!!

Friends lets stay in Gerar, it may not seem like the best but GOD WILL BE WITH YOU.

A similar story I love so much is that of Na’omi and her daughters in-laws in the book of Ruth. (Gist for another day)

That brother’s wallet doesn’t look like what can give you peace, she may not be all spirokoko but my brother stay there, my sister remain there….that is where God wants you to be. (As long as he was the one that lead you).

(Don’t mind my writings. I talk alot while writing to elaborate and emphasize)

Let’s move on….(hope you are entering inside the picture we are painting?)

Let me leave Vs 18 for today. We will share on this some other time.

Vs 19-20 – The herdsmen of Isaac dug a well and found fresh water in the valley of Gerar. but the herdsmen of Gerar quarrelled with Isaac’s herdsmen and they gave the place a name ESEK (meaning Contention, Strive, Struggle or Quarrel)

Vs 21 – Isaac’s herdsmen went on to dig another well, but they quarrelled over it again and gave the place a name SITNAH (means Hatred, Hostility)

Vs 12 – They moved on else where and dug another well, no one quarrelled over it

And Isaac named the the place REHOBOTH (means the place of enlargement and flourishing)

Lesson 2: Have you imagined what it takes to dig a well till you are able to hit water? It’s really tough, however, after successfully finding water, the men of Gerar contested and quarrelled and strived against the Men of Isaac. This happened twice. These two experiences left them with a bitter experience and they gave those places names that was associated with their experiences.

Friends, you may have met that Mr Right brother or Miss Right sister and you are all excited….unfortunately, there is a strife for that one you have found.

Family is quarrelling with you over this choice, other people have quarrelled with you over this spouse saying she belongs to me or he belongs to me.

Or even death have strived with you and taken your dream spouse.

It has happened again and again that you now tagged those relationships with names just to explain that relationship. Hmmmm.

Some have even shut the door of their hearts to relationships because of the strife and heart breaks. You don’t think there can be any more good that can come from a relationship. You have given up on love. You are afraid they may take advantage of you again. You fear they may cheat you again, you fear they may just deceive you. You simply move on with a closed heart.

Remember what Isaac did….He reopened the wells his Father Abraham had dug which the people had closed. Don’t give up my friend. You can still meet God’s best for your relationship and marriage.

You have reluctantly agreed to enter into relationship and by God’s mercies no one is quarrelling with you anymore. Family is not contending your decision, your friends even seem to have accepted this guy or babe. Indeed no one else is contesting with you over this one and it seems you have arrived. Intact you have named the relationship your own Rehoboth

Indeed it is a great place to be.

I can imagine the men of Isaac celebrating this trouble free location.

Don’t give up moving on. You may hit trouble but don’t give up. Go higher.

But something strange happened in Vs 23. I would have expected that Isaac and his men would build an Estate and settle at Rehoboth.

Isaac was not satisfied with a “no one quarrelled over it” well. He must have thought that there must be something deeper.

Isaac and his men WENT UP to BEEESHEBA (well of seven, place of oath/covenant). That night the Lord appeared to him AND SAID …… Then Isaac did three things

  1. built an Altar and call upon the name of the Lord
  2. Pitched his tent
  3. They dug a well

Lesson 3: Isaac didn’t pitch his tent until God SAID He wasn’t satisfied with Rehoboth even though it was a good place to be. It was a satisfying place to be. That brother or sister may not necessarily be a problem or have a particular issue that will bring quarrel or contest in the relationship….but may I ask you a solemn question….*What has God said?*

Until Isaac moves from his place of Ease, Complacency, Comfort….God didn’t speak. Friends we must seek the voice of God as far as the Relationship is concerned. You cannot settle for less than God has plan for you.

See what happened….Going to BEERSHEBA is a Going Up the opposite of EGYPT Going Down

God made an oath with Isaac for believing him and following him up to Beersheba which is where REST is located.

Funny enough, it wasn’t the well (The brother or sister) that was the first matter. It was God’s voice that brought the order.

#God Appeared and Spoke (made an Oath)

#Isaac Built an Altar and Called upon God

#Pitched his tenth

#Dug the well

In Conclusion, let me make this submission; Don’t pitch your tent just yet….you are only at Rehoboth. Beersheba is still ahead. Press on move ahead to where God want you to be. He is good, she is good yes….but is that God’s BEERSHEBA for you or you are comfortable with being with REHOBOTH?