Obedience is a huge testometer in the hands of the Most High God, it will reveal my love for God or reveal my hypocrisy.

Obedience says…Lord I submit, right away I execute. Disobedience says…Lord why do I need to do this? Can’t it wait for a convenient time?

Disobedience says, ‘haba God…can’t you understand that this is totally unreasonable?’ Obedience says…’Kai God…this is really crazy, but you know what? I am gonna go all out to do it.’

You remember father Abraham? He did crazy stuffs for the cause of obedience…He was circumcised at the age of Eighty Nine (89). God calls it Obedience, men call it Foolishness.

It will sometimes look like ‘have you gone knots?’ which kind of God will ask you to do stuffs like this? The voices of your parents and friends echo back and forth. Yet it was Abraham that went to offer his son as a burnt offering. Will you go this far?

Until my Obedience is complete…I do not love the Lord. Go ask Abraham.

Next time when you sing Father Abraham has many sons…Ask yourself, AM I INDEED ABRAHAM’S SON? Sons Obey…They don’t disregard their father’s instructions or commands. Are you a son?

Let’s inquire of Saul? Obedience will push you further away than you ever bargained, Cost you much more than you ever envisaged. He was rejected as king over Israel because his obedience was not complete.

Have you asked Adam and Eve the cost of disobedience and the distance you can cover in the realm of disobedience? I think you should.

One Minute of Obedience will yield the fruit of the land much more than Fifteen minutes of incomplete Obedience or Absolute Disobedience.

Let’s have a flash back on Joseph’s life….He obeyed and fled in a minute and eventually became a prime minister. Someone else chose to obey partially and he relinquished his kingship immediately.

99% Obedience is equal to (=) Disobedience.

Would you rather obey God and displease him or would you rather obey her and displease the Lord, Your God and Father? Choose yea this day!

Jesus learnt obedience from the things he suffered. Selah

If that brother will not help you obey God, my sister no be negotiation matter o. Your destiny na him you wan sell be that.

Obedience may not always be simple like a straight line graph, it is many times difficult like a cosine curve, challenges the usual or accepted, it will sometime cost you a fortune like a Ferrari, it may even cost you your friends and cost you some face before men like a charred skin…..But when its time to be distinguished….hmmmm, your rep no go get part two.

May God help us all to be Resolutely Obedient to our Father and thereby show our love for Him.

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JULY 2016